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OUR HISTORY -Fast Item, Business Without Limits our history our history

Fast Item was initially formed in 2009 by a group of specialists from various industry backgrounds. These include trades such as Distribution, IT, Finance, Aviation and Real Estate.
In the early days, we only dealt in trading activities that import and export high level of steel, rice, leather goods and toys.
Fast Item soon developed into a nationwide distribution company to facilitate its own and third-party trade activities.
With our rapid growth in multi-dimensions, Fast Item soon moved into the IT industry at the beginning of 2012. We soon became the top rated online seller of refurbished computers on eBay and Amazon.
With a hereditary experience of Real Estate acquired by one of our key founders of the company, Fast Item entered into the real estate industry as keen developers at the start of 2014. On our very first debut project we successfully achieved a Grade A certificate in Serviced Office’s in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom. This state of the art project converted into an outstanding quality is now fully operational with investors from several international countries predominantly in South East Asia.
This engineering spectacular is now part of our recent history, and we are now looking forward to expanding our scope to new, bigger and better adventures.