Customer Care

We understand the whole spectrum of varied needs of our diversified customers/investors. We therefore strive to find and procure properties in most suitable locations for best and attractive prices.

We have partnered with a number of reliable asset management companies with long existence so that your properties can be managed in most efficient way to ensure best and persistent rental returns.

We have a large portfolio of well established private investors which could be mutually beneficial when it comes to reaping the benefit resale.

We have in-house team of experienced Architects, Surveyors, Designers, Legal Advisors and Financial Consultants to give a best blend of professionals to give a solid foundation essential for the confidence our investors seek.

Our projected returns are based on complex but highly sophisticated financial modelling and matrices. Our information is based on real time data related to particular projects and their locations and other socio-economic and geo-political factors. We have also hired econometric consultants to eliminate, as much as possible, the element of uncertainty in the market. We strive to ensure maximum return for our investors, and to this end, future modelling is paramount. We study social values, spending behavior, current trends and therefore make future projections. Your investment value is therefore highly reliable and reflects the true picture of your financial standing.

We work at the grass root level to provide very personal support and assistance to our valued clients/investors, both through our agents based in the Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific as well as from our London based headquarter. We have made it very simple and easy for our clients to communicate directly with our relevant staff members where any help or support can be directly and comfortably provided without any delay. We are further looking forward to have our own offices established in the countries of investors' residence to provide even better care.

Customer Complaints

Your money and any other interest is in safe hands at Fast Item. However, we have setup a transparent and confidential customer care department to deal with any unwanted/unlikely situation. This department operates completely independently from the rest of the company’s operations, and is responsible directly towards the Board of Directors.

You may contact our Customer Care/Complaints department at:

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