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Customer Care

We understand the entire spectrum and the variety of needs by our diverse range of customers and investors. We therefore strive to find and obtain properties in the most suitable of locations for the most attractive prices.

We have partnered with a number of reliable asset management companies in which have long term experience within the market. This ensures that your properties can be managed in the most efficient way to ensure the highest possible rental returns.

We have a large portfolio of well-established private investors in which can be utilised when it comes to reaping the benefits of resale.

We have an in-house team of experienced Architects, Surveyors, Designers, Legal Advisors and Financial Consultants in which give us the greatest mix of professionals. Having this team gives us a solid foundation in the property market, providing the confidence in which our investors seek.

Our projected returns are based on a complex and highly sophisticated financial model and metrics. Our information is based on real time data in which is related to our projects and their locations, alongside other socio-economic and geo-political factors.

We strive to ensure maximum returns for our investors. So, we can ensure that we are constantly adhering to checks in which Fast Item have put in place. Examples of this include our spending behavior and current trends within the market. Therefore, we can make future projections from this information. Your investment value is therefore highly reliable, and reflects the true picture of your financial standings due to the data in which Fast Item obtains.

We work to a strict and high standard, providing personal support and assistance to our clients and investors. This is persistent throughout our several agents based in the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and our London based headquarter.

We have made it quite simple for our clients to communicate with our staff members, where any help or support needed is provided. This strictly provided without any delay to our clients. We are looking forward to having our own offices in the home countries of our investors, in which will enable us to provide even better care.

Your money and any other interests are in safe hands with us at Fast Item. We have setup an excellent customer care department in which will help deal with any unwanted and unlikely situations. This department operates independently from the rest of the company’s operations, and is responsible directly towards the Board of Directors

You can contact our Customer Care and Complaints department at:


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