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CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY -Fast Item, Business Without Limits corporate responsibility corporate responsibility


In Fast Item’s environment, 94% of the waste material produced from our various sites is recycled. For example, Old timber is taken and re-emerged as invaluable wood chippings, excess or waste plasterboard is re-used and old tiles and bricks are reused as building material.
We recognise the importance of working in harmony with both the build and natural environment in order to maximise benefits to all those whom we are involved. Our design and building policies support sustainability and are designed to minimise harmful impact to the environments in which we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fast item is a successful Business operating in the wider public eye, so we understand the dependability the stakeholders have on us. Such as our investors, employees, the community and consumers that all have an impact on our Business activities. We therefore have every necessary protection shield embedded in our internal procedures, as well at the corporate level to eliminate any associated risks. We have a robust system of self-regulation; internal audit and we require board level approval for any matters of extraordinary importance. In order to achieve this:

  •  We constantly invest in continuous Professional Development of our staff members. 
  • We keep revisiting our Investment Appraisals to account for any contingencies or other latest financial factors.
  • We continuously update our environmental policy to cater for any new changes proposed by the authorities which may affect any investment decisions.
  •  We always exploit new opportunities to retain our diversification.
  • We keep incorporating any changes pertinent to UK law regarding our Health & Safety and Data Protection policies.
  • We adhere to Companies Act 2006 for accounting and UK GAAP (FRSS) for reporting and auditing purposes..


A sustainable development is the “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.” Sustainability is now an everyday aspect of working and Business life. There has been much investment in the development of building rating systems over the past few years in Europe to make it improve the market. In our design of a project we consider all relevant elements that are a must for a development, these include: Location, orientation, structure, systems, construction and use. We also consider how each decision at each stage will affect all of the other aspects of the design. Our approach to sustainable development at Fast Item is built on the concepts of environmental protection,