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Our History


Fast Item was initially formed in 2009 by a group of specialists from various industry backgrounds. These include trades such as Distribution, IT, Finance, Aviation and Real Estate.
In the early days, we only dealt in trading activities that import and export high level of steel, rice, leather goods and toys.
Fast Item soon developed into a nationwide distribution company to facilitate its own and third-party trade activities.
With our rapid growth in multi-dimensions, Fast Item soon moved into the IT industry at the beginning of 2012. We soon became the top rated online seller of refurbished computers on eBay and Amazon.
With a hereditary experience of Real Estate acquired by one of our key founders of the company, Fast Item entered into the real estate industry as keen developers at the start of 2014. On our very first debut project we successfully achieved a Grade A certificate in Serviced Office’s in the heart of Birmingham, United Kingdom. This state of the art project converted into an outstanding quality is now fully operational with investors from several international countries predominantly in South East Asia.
This engineering spectacular is now part of our recent history, and we are now looking forward to expanding our scope to new, bigger and better adventures.

Fast Item Growing Stronger

Fast Item takes pride and joy in their professionalism in order to provide an honest and exciting opportunity for investors to be a part of the boom in the U.K commercial property market. We have the advantage of having a unique insight in to the commercial market due to our treasurable experience within the import and export market. Our executives always hand pick the unique commercial investments in which can be of a sustainable income for all investors. Offering peace of mind, a profitable investment with a great exit strategy opportunity. Fast Item contemplates all the future associated risks based on any unfavorable circumstances such as inflation, recession, any geo-political risks, tax changing regimes or any unpredictable global monetary trend influenced by world’s largest or most affluent economies. In order for us to minimise such risks and to achieve steady growing returns, we select businesses very carefully with the help of our in-house financial experts, whilst using industries best financial modelling techniques. We have heavily invested into such resources and are therefore well equipped to combat any financial risks to protect you and your investments.

• VAT paid by developer saving you 20%

• Fully managed by independent company

• A development by a large group globally recognised


Successful Regeneration

Our Mission Vision & Objectives

Our Present

Our Present

We are about to launch a high-end residential development in the next few weeks … more to be announced soon.

Our Future

Our Future

We look forward to further diverse into Financial Services and Aviation during next 5 years.

Our Philosophy

Fast Item's strict principle is to deliver the best advice, service, and products based on the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We pride ourselves in maintaining a strong and ethical work structure while engaging in all of our activities. Unlike many of our competitors we do not simply carry out the broker deals. If we do not feel that a transaction is one that benefits our client(s) then we will be advised against it with reasons in why it would be deemed inappropriate. That way our clients are aware of the pitfalls of a transaction and are able then to assess the situation and make an informed decision as to how to proceed.

Our Short-Term Objective

Our objective is to strengthen our presence in the property market and continue to brand our company worldwide. In addition to this ongoing endeavor we harbor strong aspirations to extend our reach beyond its current developments by acquiring, developing and selling properties.

Our Corporate Vision

To be among the top 100 fast track companies in the UK by 2016/17, to become a listed company on the UK Stock Exchange market by 2017/18 and to continue our exponential growth in an increasingly sought-after market.

Our Pledge

Our overriding concern throughout carrying out our role is to ensure we have complete customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why we have maintained many of the clients that were with us from the outset of our founding. Consistently clients return to us with the knowledge that we have their best interests at heart.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximise our clients and stakeholder’s wealth by acquiring viable investments in properties and commodities to continually develop and grow. From here, this will then achieve unprecedented returns and continue to bring growth to our clients and stakeholder’s investments.

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